way to check against that list is to use the find function (Control or Command + F) search for any keywords you’re unsure about. Alternatively, you can run your emails through a spam check tool like mail-tester to see how your email fares before hitting “send”.[*] Screenshot showing email Nigeria Phone Number List deliverability checklist It will give you a score out of 10 (10 being the best) as well as a line-by-line checklist to improve Nigeria Phone Number List your deliverability. 5. YOU USED A BIG IMAGE WITH LITTLE OR NO TEXT Another thing that flags spam is a big image with little or no text. You might think, “But I’ve seen tons of emails with lots of images and little or no text!”

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That’s because images only increase the likelihood emails end up in spam but they don’t guarantee it. Think of spam filters as a sliding scale. Each item on your email that triggers spam (like big images with little or no text, spam words, and low open rates) increases the chance they’ll end up in Nigeria Phone Number List spam. For example, this email had a bunch of images and went to my spam folder: Screenshot showing Nigeria Phone Number List promotion email Whereas this email from Sumo uses an image with plenty of Nigeria Phone Number List surrounding text to avoid being sent to spam: Screenshot showing a Sumo content email Moral of the story? If you can avoid using a big image,

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do so. But don’t feel like you need to do it if the image is important for your conversion rates. (That’s why it’s important to A/B test your emails.) 6. YOUR SUBJECT Nigeria Phone Number List LINE IS MISLEADING One of the biggest reasons for low open rates (and thus, ending up in the spam folder) is bad subject lines. Your subject lines can make or break your email campaigns. The best email subject lines have these Nigeria Phone Number List things in common: They are relevant to what your subscriber signed up for. They pique the Nigeria Phone Number List subscriber’s curiosity. They don’t sound like spam. Here’s a good example from an email Sumo sent to a list of 41k people who signed up for email marketing tips.

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