Mediatization people become more skeptical of what to believe or not to believe, discussed in detail above. Democratization – people are more critical of institutions (government, science, media). Globalization – according to Harambam, this leads to  Kenya Phone Number List a certain cultural relativism by questioning one’s own culture, which causes unrest and uncertainty. Think of the promotion of Oswald Spengler’s demise thinking by publishing.

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house De Blauwe Tijger. Conspiracy theorists believe that traditional authorities do not have a monopoly on the truth. The consequences of COVID-19 are still incalculable, given the fact that there are large-scale changes on a daily basis. You often already see in the form the ‘citing’ of all kinds of primary and secondary sources that proves one’s own right.

The Romans at School

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example, conspiracy theories can offer something to hold on to for snacking media consumers. fake or fact This is how we fight disinformation Disinformation was already there (did I mention Orson Welles’ ‘War of the Worlds’?) and it’s not going away. Mediatization of society contributes to this. The importance of being well inform falsifying without condemning or simplifying, cannot be underestimat.

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