Virtual assistants have been on the market for a few years. And although amazon dominates the battle. Brands like samsungapple. Among others have also launched theirs. And now facebook has announced that it will do so. Virtual assistants have been on the market. For a few years and although amazon dominates the battle. Brands like samsung among others. Have also launched theirs and now facebook . Has announced that it will do so. Facebook which has 2 billion users worldwide and  Whose ad revenue accounts for more than 70 percent of its profits. Is now looking to launch its own

Which Would Function as a Dedicated Video Chat Device Online

For that social network. Speakers and a camera to make video calls, between users or even as a tool for brands. Although it seems that Facebook is late in the battle for virtual assistants, the novelty will be that its camera will have artificial intelligence, that is, it will take costa rica email list frames automatically and will recognize objects in sight and will be able to work with Facebook messenger, a tool used by brands for chatbots. According to the sage center of excellence for mobile development and bots, the boom in virtual assistants lies in the fact that they will be one more tool for brands to generate engagement and approach new markets.

That Is New Communication Channels With Customers of Instant

costa rica email list

That new communication channels with customers of instant messaging and social networks. Most of these assistants operate in the united states Canada and Europe. A battle for the direction of uber between Travis kalanick and benchmark capital majority shareholders. Is still a key player by having 10 percent of the shares and 16 percent of the voting rights. While benchmarking, more than 20 percent. That the company continues its growth.

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