Creating engagement on Facebook is one of the goals to achieve when you have a Page for your brand. But we have to face the facts, the competition is increasingly fierce. Your publications risk being drowned in the mass of your subscribers’ news feed. So you have to aim right when you publish a post. When your publications reach your target, they must be impactful and effective to create engagement. Aren’t Facebook videos a first response to the problem of engagement on the social network? What do you think creates engagement? Test yourself with this short quiz and then discover our 5 tips to achieve it.

Facebook videos: the format to adopt?

BuzzSumo, which offers a tool to identify the most popular content on social networks, has just released a study on the engagement observed on Facebook. The study of more than 880 million publications and more than 100 million videos has made it possible to highlight a certain number of points. Commitment declines again and againIt’s no surprise that engagement on Facebook isn’t looking good. However, since the beginning of the year, it is not a simple decline that BuzzSumo has observed, but a real fall. Note that the most spectacular fall comes from the published images. Facebook videos: quizzes and tips to learn all about engagement Facebook videos: the most engaging formatBuzzSumo’s analysis shows us that link and image posts are trending down in favor of Facebook videos.

At the same time, we notice that the videos are much

At the same time, we notice that the videos are much more engaging than other formats .How to create engaging Facebook videos?#1 Make short videos Analysis of 100 million Facebook videos has shown that beyond 90 seconds of video, engagement decreases as the length increases. The optimal duration is between 60 and 90 seconds. Short videos are therefore more engaging, but not too much either. Those of less than 30 seconds record the lowest engagement scores.

The text that accompanies posts on Facebook is generally longer than what you can see on other social networks. Unlike Twitter, the number of characters on Facebook is not limited. We can therefore allow ourselves to be more generous in the content. It is a mistake. BuzzSumo’s analysis shows that among the top 10,000 most engaging videos, the top performers contain very short text between 61 and 84 characters. The text should be a springboard to the video. It should only be used to capture the subscriber’s attention to better encourage him to watch the video.

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