There are other laws and rights that require data to be stored. There is also, of course, a need to keep records – if only to collect taxes – for which personal information Algeria Phone Number List must be shared. But also think about: Healthcare. Often a mix of companies, governments, and non-profits have to share confidential data. Does that always go well? NGOs – or Charities.

Communicate With Each Other

Do they all work equally hard to protect the data they hold about you? Businesses. Like all those webshops where you place orders. They know a lot about you. Do they always treat it with care? government. As reported for the ‘Basic Registration Persons’. But in total there are 5,000 databases in use by the government. Sometimes with very sensitive information.

Unseen for the Organization

Algeria Phone Number List

Cyber ​​security vs. competitiveness Keeps in mind that this data is sometimes used for a greater good, such as homeland security and the fight against crime. Intelligence services such as the AIVD and MIVD have their tasks. In doing so, of course, they have to record data about people. Care for cyber security is a top priority. Sometimes the data collection by companies is simply intended to benefit themselves.

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