You may have already seen the information ( especially on our blog ), it is now possible to put a cover video on your Facebook Page. The Narcos series broadcast on Netflix had been able to test the tool in preview. Now you too can make your Facebook Page more dynamic and creative. To give you some ideas, we have selected 10 examples of cover videos that we have spotted on Facebook.

If you run a Facebook Page or a Twitter account, Buffer certainly means something to you. This is a solution for professionals that manages the sharing on social networks of all the content you have spotted. They are shared automatically at the most convenient times. But back to our cover videos. Buffer posted a cover video on its Facebook Page that showcases the team behind the tool.

Narcos reiterates the cover video for the release of its new season

It was on the Facebook page of the Narcos series that we were able to discover the cover videos. Since then, Narcos has just replaced the initial video on the occasion of the launch of season 3 of the series, scheduled for early September. This time around, Narcos  El Salvador WhatsApp Number List is using the cover video to unveil a Season 3 teaser which you can check out just below. (video with sound)

Animoto is a company that offers a tool to make professional videos from your personal photos and videos. A company specializing in video could only position itself as a pioneer in the use of cover video. The new functionality also arrived when Animoto was celebrating its tenth anniversary. The opportunity was too good!

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McDonald’s highlights its partnership with “Moche et Méchant

The animated film Despicable Me 3 was released on July 5. For the occasion, McDonald’s has teamed up with the cartoon to release a Happy Meal menu featuring the Minions, shortly after the deployment of the cover videos. This is how the Minions and Gru appeared on the McDonald’s Facebook Page.

In a completely different register, the TV channel dedicated to scuba diving offers one of its productions on its cover video. A real scuba dive in Full HD as if we were there. The beautiful images and soundtrack of this cover video bring a touch of poetry to the Plongeurs TV Facebook Page. A beautiful show!

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