Facebook was already for its functionalities to social commerce. And this time, the social network marks the blow even more by offering e-merchants a new mobile advertising format: Facebook Collection. Between the Canvas and the carousel, Facebook Collection is an immersive mobile format. Facebook Collection is an immersive mobile format, in which the mobile user can browse a catalog of items selected according to their relevance, and which can include up to 50 products.

A Format Designed to Highlight Its Products

When the user clicks on the advertisement while browsing his newsfeed, he finds himself immersed in a visual catalog, and without having to leave the Facebook application.Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List he can navigate among. The products offered (up to 50 suggestions!). Clicking on a product finally allows the user to find out more, both about the article and the brand, or to be to the site for the purchase.

And while 3 out of 4 consumers believe that a video has more impact on their purchasing decision Facebook Collection. The New Mobile Advertising Format social networks, Facebook  has just had this format tested by brands. Adidas or Tommy Hilfiger, who have since received results exceeding their expectations. This type of ad is in fact perfectly suited to the habits of consumers in 2017: video.

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Get Meaningful Insight Into Your Roi

In order to allow advertisers to obtain more in-depth results to full-screen formats such as Collection or Canvas, various indicators are. Thus, it is possible to see the number of clicks on an ad. The latter can in this way draw useful data about the journey of each of its users. Facebook Collection is in such a way that the user’s eye is first drawn to a prominent visual.e. The ever-increasing numbers can attest to this. And it is not the 8 million user companies and the 1 million advertisers who will say the opposite. They have indeed been able to detect the potential of this instantaneous social network,

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