Facebook nous l’a souvent prouvé, il est sur tous les fronts. Today, the touristic guide is now avoir récemment lancer ses propres guides de voyages: les Facebook City Guides. One fois de plus, cette nouveauté goes dans le sens d’une volonté de garder l’utilisateur sur le réseau social. Cette nouvelle fonctionnalité destinée aux utilisateurs ne serait-elle pas non plus avantageuse pour les professionnels du tourisme? N’est-ce pas là un bon moyen d’attirer les voyageurs vers son offre touristique?

Facebook City Guides: When the Social Network Becomes

Facebook’s diversification continues. After having taken on the role of intermediary for employment, Facebook has taken on the costume of a tourist guide since the beginning of a month with the Facebook City Guides feature.

What does Facebook City Guides look like? Available on the site and on the mobile applications, the function called French City Guides offers members suggestions of cities to visit and activities to do. On the application, for each city, the list of friends who have already visited the city appears as well as the places they have visited there. Then, we can see a list of places usually frequented and appreciated by locals. This list seems partly based on the ratings given on the Facebook Pages.

What Does This Mean for Professionals seems partly ?

The function is indeed generated by the Pages that have professionals created on Facebook. Thus, as a hotelier, restaurateur and other tourism players, this gives you visibility with people interested in your destination. The more you ensure your presence on Facebook Bahamas WhatsApp Number List by taking care of your Page, the more it will be appreciated, liked and recommended. So you have a better chance of appearing on Facebook City Guides.

If this new feature is successful, we can also imagine that Facebook plans to monetize it. Social Commerce is on the rise right now! Thus, users could book a table, a hotel room or an activity directly from Facebook City Guides. But for now, these are just guesses.

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Business development in the future?

For now, you can still maintain your presence on Facebook and launch digital strategies. Our Social Media experts are ready to support you in this project. Creating a Company Page, launching advertising campaigns to increase your notoriety or federating a community around your brand are some of the strategies they can deploy. Contact them!

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