the Dutch have a knack for choosing the feminine variant of possessive pronouns in the third person. And that is also painfully visible in financial South Africa Phone Number List and economic reports. It is the company (o) and its annual profit, the multinational (m) and its subsidiaries, the price (m), and its bandwidth. After all, After all, the know-it-all nephew of namely.

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After all, it comes across as incredibly pedantic. As if the reader already knows or should know what has been described. Nevertheless, we could not yet speak of a clear trend break in 2019. After all, the export balance from Eastern Europe increased by 9.7%. Did the reader really already know that percentage? Probably only a handful of macroeconomists knew about it.

Several Factors That Can

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Therefore, it is better to use ‘namely Dates Financial texts cannot do without data. The word data is singular in English, but plural in Dutch. So you write the data is present instead of the data is present. This rule also applies to ‘big data. Singularity is only appropriate if you want to refer to ‘big data’ as a trend. Men People are a thousand-headed monster: intensely loved by bankers and economists.

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