Merging-two-blogs-strategies-jpg India Phone Number maybe you have two  separate blogs that deal with two elements of your overall business. Maybe you are changing your company’s branding and need to change your blog’s branding. Maybe you recently acquired another business and want to  integrate their blog into yours. Or maybe you bought a relevant India Phone Number domain for seo juice and need to transfer your existing blog to it. How to combine two blogs into one? Here’s how. Before you do anything, back up every existing blog. For the sake of simplicity, suppose you are merging two wordpress blogs.

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A new entity or merging a blog with an existing one. The  steps are more or less the same. First, you have the logistics of a wordpress merger. Then you have the tacky details. Logistics when combining two blogs, one potential India Phone Number obstacle is overlapping categories and tags. You need to take steps to avoid lumping everything to  gether. Option a: fix overlapping categories and tags you can rename categories and tags with unique titles in the original blogs before exporting or merging them. For example, if both blogs have “productivity” as a category, you can rename the categories in the first blog to “productivity 1” and in the second blog to productivity 2”.

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Each blog. To rename India Phone Number categories and tags, go to posts > categories (or tags) and click quick edit and manually make the change for each. This simple solution could work in many cases. Option b: assign everything to a new user (preferred option) your second choice is to create unique users, which is probably the preferred option for most India Phone Number of you. Create a new user for each blog that will be used to create the new or merged blog. You may need to reevaluate the organizational structure of the newly created or merged blog, says iamaaronagius. Click to  tweet for our purposes, let’s say you’ve purchased a relevant blog to merge with your existing blog.

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