people, the colleagues who prey on your bonus. But especially in these turbulent times, an unbiased, flexible, and fact-driven approach is essential. Solutions can South Korea Phone Number List sometimes come from an unexpected source. As an organization, be open to new ideas, for example by sharing information from outside widely internally. By questioning all employees, not just managers, about important topics, for example with surveys. (Don’t

From Outside Widely Internally

forget to do something with the results!) Or even by involving customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in strategic themes. Training and education pre-eminently provide a broader view of the world. However, the training offer is often very fragment. Just bringing that together and making it widely available makes a big difference. In addition, learning is often done individually within organizations or in existing teams.

Questioning All Employees

South Korea Phone Number List

diverse people together in learning trajectories can greatly increase the vision-expanding effect. You can do this social learning excellently on an online platform, with which you can let people in various departments and locations exchange ideas and think together about applying what they have learned in their work.

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