12% of people claim this prize. 15% Austria WhatsApp Number List discount (set to win 20% of the time). 15% of people claim this prize. Once someone enters their email, they receive an email with the discount they won, and the message below is also shown to encourage people to buy something Austria WhatsApp Number List on the store right now: Screenshot showing a Sumo cart casino form On average, Austria WhatsApp Number List 12% of the people who enter their email to play the game follow through and buy products on the site, making Worldwide Cyclery $839,379.84 in sales from this strategy. OTHER SUCCESSFUL SHOPIFY STORES USING THIS STRATEGY: Pretty

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($338,037.65 gross Sumo sales) Pretty Austria WhatsApp Number List Litter has made $294,092.75 (87% of gross Sumo sales) from the Cart Casino strategy. Pretty Litter use two prizes: $5 off (set to win 30% of the time). 10% of people claim this prize. 15% off (set to win 70% of the time). 10% of people Austria WhatsApp Number List claim this prize. On average, 10% of people who play the game go on to buy. RANK #5: Austria WhatsApp Number List NICHE CANVAS Niche Canvas carries a variety of wall art you can’t find anywhere else. Their store has over 1,000 5-star reviews, and all art prints ship directly from the artist. Website:Gross Sales From Sumo: $571,905.10 sales #1 Sales Strategy:

Flash Sale Strategy Niche Canvas has made $394,563.31 (68% of gross sales) from this flash sale strategy. Screenshot showing Sumo form stats How It Works: Niche Austria WhatsApp Number List Canvas shows a smart bar at the top of their site advertising a discount related to a specific flash sale promotion. For Black Friday/Cyber Monday they ran the following three smart bars with three different discount codes and offers. Austria WhatsApp Number List Smart bar shows before Black Friday for seven days: Screenshot showing a Sumo discount Austria WhatsApp Number List smart bar Smart bar shows on Black Friday, then runs for 72 hours: Screenshot showing a Sumo discount smart bar Smart bar shows on Cyber

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