Your internet marketing agency can perform these scans for you. Companies involved in digital accessibility can request an inspection from the Stichting Dominican Republic Phone Number List Drempelvrij. They offer four different certifications based on the WCAG 2 guidelines. Depending on the level at which your website meets these guidelines, you may use the corresponding quality mark on your website.

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The importance of content management After implementing and testing technical improvements on your website, it remains important to pay attention to content. Keep in mind that making all your new content digitally accessible is a recurring task. For example, the content must not only technically meet the guidelines.

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You should also provide all images, videos, documents, tables, animations, and forms with appropriate textual and HTML alternatives. It is therefore important to consider that content management remains on the agenda. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are becoming more and more popular. Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple have also launched a direct attack on the banking system with their own financial services. The latest trend in the fintech world that is quickly gaining prominence is Decentralized Finance

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