your link with a clear value proposition. Here’s a great example bio from John Gannon: Screenshot showing guest post author profile description When you’re all done, you’re ready to send it out there. Open that email, send it to the blogger, and keep your fingers crossed it’s published. DAYS 26-27: CROSS South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists PROMOTION This tactic has killed it for Sumo and businesses of all sizes. Instead of looking at how you can grow you email list on your own, why not partner with another blogger/company/influencer to double the rewards? Cross promotion is a win-win situation. Think about it: almost every business wants to grow their email list,

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so why not do it together? Here’s one cross promotion Sumo ran with a company called Beacon: We created an offer that whenever someone became a Sumo customer, they also received a year of Beacon for FREE. For every new customer, we paid Beacon a percentage of the revenue. Beacon South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists promoted the offer to their mailing list and we promoted it to ours. #DoubleTrouble. Win-win! Both companies received new customers, new revenue, and increased brand awareness. Now think about how that same approach can help you grow your email list. Here are two cross promotion ideas to get you started: Joint webinars:

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists

Partner with a leader in your industry to run a webinar on a hot topic. Run an event: Collaborate with some industry peers to host an in-person event and give away tickets for free in exchange for email sign ups. For example, Tribe regularly holds free running events with local groups.[*] Here’s an email you South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email Lists can use to reach out to potential partners: Subject: Marketing opportunity Body: Hey [First-name] Huge fan of your company. I’m growing my email list by 1,000 subs this month. Up for working on a copromotion? Happy to share all the email addresses we generate.

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