If you want to grow, you need to think carefully South Sudan Email List about your CTAs. To help you create killer CTAs for your website, I’ve created a quick guide with 10 pieces of copy that will help increase the conversion rate of your CTAs. Click the button below to get access now.In the first 30 days using FAM, the South Sudan Email List Shopify store Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) made $18,022 revenue off their email South Sudan Email List marketing. What is FAM? FAM is a new email marketing tool that: Writes your email copy for you. (not a human, FAM writes it South Sudan Email List better than a human!) Designs your email graphics for you, and Sends your emails for you to make you sales.

Proper Web Design for Email Campaigns

Screenshot of FAM landing page If you run a Shopify South Sudan Email List store, you can get access to FAM here. Once you connect your Shopify store, you’ll: Answer a few simple questions about YOUR brand. Tell FAM the types of emails you want to send, how many and when. FAM will do the rest. It’s really as simple South Sudan Email List as that. FAM is like your full-time email marketing team (that never South Sudan Email List gets sick). If you don’t have a Shopify store, I’ve listed out the 10 emails FAM sent for BPN during their first 30 days using it below South Sudan Email List (along with the results of each email in the first 72 hours) so you can copy their successful email campaigns.

South Sudan Email List

#1: 24 HOUR FLASH SALE EMAIL Subject line: South Sudan Email List 24 HRS: Celebrate Earth Day with 20% off Strong Greens Preview text: Offer Ends Tomorrow! Segment: 120-day active subscribers (opened an email in the last 120 days). Sent: 21,076 Opens: 4,295 (20.4%) Clicks: 302 (1.4%) Orders: 62 (0.3%) South Sudan Email List Revenue: $3,393.74 Screenshot of BPN 24 Hour Flash Sale Email #2: 48 HOUR South Sudan Email List FLASH SALE EMAIL Subject line: Don’t Miss This One Preview text: Orders of $60 or More Receive a BPN South Sudan Email List Shaker – 48 Hours Only Segment: 120-day active subscribers Sent: 20,322 Opens: 5,249 (25.8%) Clicks: 223 (1.1%) Orders: 40 (0.2%) Revenue:

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