But don’t forget to create a lead-nurturing drip Poland B2B Email Lists campaign for anyone who signs up! That’s how you convert a lead into a customer. 7. AUTOMATED REFERRALS Referrals are the backbone of any good service business. They’re great because it means your current customers are happy Poland B2B Email Lists enough with you to send their friends to you, and typically those friends are great fits Poland B2B Email Lists because they’re coming from your best clients, so there’s built-in trust. You should ask every client of yours for referrals at Poland B2B Email Lists some point. However, it’s easy to forget this step and it’s easy to ask at the wrong time (such as before you’ve performed the work or gotten the results your

The List, The List, The Money Is In The List

client wants). That’s where the automated part Poland B2B Email Lists comes in. You should build referrals into your customer lifecycle automatically. This is easy enough to do — set up an automated email that goes out to your new clients after a month (or however long it takes for you to help them). For example, Poland B2B Email Lists use this template: Hey, [name]! It’s been an absolute blast working with you, and we hope Poland B2B Email Lists you feel the same! We rely on referrals from our best customers (i.e., you) to find new business and grow. If you’ve enjoyed Poland B2B Email Lists working with us, would you consider referring us to other business owners who may need our services? It’s as easy as sending a quick

Poland B2B Email Lists

email and CCing us ([email protected]). We Poland B2B Email Lists would really appreciate it! Thanks, [Name] [Title] If you use a CRM like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Asana, you can set up this automated email right on the platform (or at the very least, an automated reminder). Screenshot of automated email from Poland B2B Email Lists CRM 8. INCENTIVE-BASED REFERRAL SYSTEM If you’re implementing this guide as we Poland B2B Email Lists go, you’ve already set up an automated referral system. But let’s kick it up a notch! An incentive-based referral system Poland B2B Email Lists means you offer an incentive for people to send you referrals. This could be straight cash (such as a commission or fee) or

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