Is clear: By clicking this CTA, the product will be Scotland Email List added to the shopper’s bag: Screenshot of Everlane product page using CTAs If this CTA didn’t use a verb like “Add” and instead said “Product Available”, it wouldn’t be as powerful, and the conversion rates would most likely drop. Use verbs in Scotland Email List your CTAs to give the reader clear direction on what action you’d like them to take and the results Scotland Email List of taking this action. 2. FOCUS ON FOMO FOMO (fear of missing out), is defined as:[*] “A pervasive Scotland Email List apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.” So in plain English:

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The thought of missing out on something is a key Scotland Email List motivator to taking action. FOMO plays against a range of feelings and emotions. I’m sure you’ve experienced a few of these thoughts over the years when debating a purchase: “If I don’t buy now, I’ll miss out.” “I need to sign up or I’ll be the only Scotland Email List person who doesn’t get [x].” “By doing [x], I’ll improve my [income / happiness / Scotland Email List health, etc].” FOMO is why you see businesses running limited-time sales and releasing exclusive or rare products (Hey, Supreme). It Scotland Email List makes people act immediately, as there’s no time to deliberate.

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I’m sure you’ve probably seen plenty of CTAs that Scotland Email List target the fear of missing out or make products feel exclusive. They often include words and phrases like: Now Scotland Email List Limited Time Only [X] Available One-Time Only 24hrs Left Virgin Holidays used FOMO in a Scotland Email List sales promotion email: Screenshot of Virgin Holidays sales promotion email And back in 2018, Sumo ran a limited Scotland Email List 24-hour sale for selling on Black Friday: Screenshot of limited 24-hour sale for selling on Black Friday from Sumo When writing a call to action, FOMO can work in a couple of ways: Scarcity: If something is available in abundance, there’s no urgency to act.

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