only free for 14 days. If you want a forever free plan, Venezuela Email List consider an alternative such as Hotjar. 5. CRAFT A BETTER CONFIRMATION PAGE When someone subscribes to your email list, where do you send them? Usually, they just get a “success!” notification. But if that’s all you do, you’re losing Venezuela Email List out on a ton of subscribers! This is because many people opt in to your list, then forget they Venezuela Email List opted in and do nothing with the email you send. They either don’t double opt-in if you have it set up or don’t open Venezuela Email List your emails, and eventually unsubscribe (or worse — mark you as spam). To decrease your subscriber churn rate, create an awesome

Why You Need To Use A Professional Email  Tool For Your Business

subscription confirmation page! This page should Venezuela Email List include: The thing they signed up for (i.e., the content upgrade you promised). An introduction to who you are/who your brand is and what you’re about. What they can expect going forward (what kind of content you’ll send them and how often). Venezuela Email List Instructions to confirm their subscription (if you use double opt-in). Instructions to whitelist Venezuela Email List your email. Instructions to follow you on social media. Next steps (such as an article to read to learn more, or just teasing Venezuela Email List the first email you’ll send them in your drip campaign). It should have the same details as your welcome email. In fact, you can

Venezuela Email List

copy and paste the same information from your Venezuela Email List landing page into your welcome email (just let people know it’s the same content, in case they saw both). This isn’t a way to build your email list, but rather a way to ensure your email subscribers stay engaged as you use the other strategies Venezuela Email List on this list. Here’s the confirmation page we created for The Wandering RV: Screenshot of Venezuela Email List confirmation page for The Wandering RVScreenshot of confirmation page for The Wandering RV It’s literally a copy Venezuela Email List and paste of our welcome email. That way, they definitely get our guide and have a higher chance of following the steps we laid out (i.e., follow

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