New content you created (blog posts, videos, Equatorial Guinea Email List infographics, etc.). Other people’s content you found relates to things your list cares about. Projects you’re working on. New product launches. Discounts and flash sales (use sparingly). *Mini blog posts (emails that are written well Equatorial Guinea Email List enough to be a blog post on their own). *Mini blog posts are the only emails I’d ever send that are fairly long, because they provide lots of value. For example, Kai Davis often sends his list mini blog post emails:[*] Screenshot of mini blog post emails Once you know what you want to share, it’s time to draft your newsletter! 2. Write a draft like you’re writing to a

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specific person Whenever you write an email, you Equatorial Guinea Email List should always write as if you’re writing to a specific person. This could be a persona you made up to act as your ideal subscriber, or it can be someone you know. Either way, write the email as if you’re writing to that person. This will help you make it more personal and interesting than if you just wrote to “everyone.” Need some inspiration? Click the button Equatorial Guinea Email List below to get my email newsletter swipe file with five awesome examples. GET THE NEWSLETTER SWIPE FILE 3. Review the draft After you finish your draft, don’t forget to review proofread it. Make sure it sounds interesting, you

Equatorial Guinea Email List

haven’t forgotten to finish a sentence, and you don’t Equatorial Guinea Email List have spelling and grammar errors. I highly recommend you read the email out loud at least once. Reading your words out loud makes it easier to catch typos helps you see if you’ve written in an interesting, conversational tone. If you’re feeling lazy, you can copy and paste the email into a text-to-speech tool like Natural Readers or even Word to have it read it Equatorial Guinea Email List to you. Screenshot of text-to-speech tool like Natural Readers While you’re at it, have someone else read the email. Try to find someone who resembles your audience, if possible. Otherwise, a friend or family member will do in a pinch.

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