These are just scratching the surface of what’s possible with drip campaigns! We’ll get into some more advanced strategies at the end of this post, but for now, let’s get into the Qatar Phone Number List beginner strategies. BEGINNER DRIP CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES There are a ton of ways to set up automated email drip campaigns. But the most common (yet still incredibly useful) strategies include: Welcome Campaign Qatar Phone Number List Abandoned Cart Campaign Re-Engagement Campaign I’ll show you what makes each campaign type Qatar Phone Number List work so well, along with an example of each. WELCOME CAMPAIGN A welcome campaign is a series of emails your list gets after they first opt

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in. It starts with a traditional “welcome” email — an email welcoming them to your list. It sounds simple, but this is possibly the single most important email you’ll ever send Qatar Phone Number List your subscribers because it sets the stage for all future engagement. Your welcome email should: Ask your subscribers to whitelist your emails. Encourage them to follow you on multiple social media accounts. Set expectations as to Qatar Phone Number List what you’ll send and how often. Here’s an example of a good welcome email with a 78.8% Qatar Phone Number List open rate and 45.1% click rate (the second screenshot is the bottom half of the email): Subject: Welcome to The Wandering Newsletter!

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Screenshot showing an email example Screenshot showing an email example 2 It touches on all the bases — I tell the reader what and when we’ll be sending then Qatar Phone Number List guide them through a few steps to keep them engaged. At the end, I “tease” the next email to get them excited to open it. After the welcome email, you’ll want to send some of your best content that relates to whatever they opted in Qatar Phone Number List for. If they signed up for a… Vegan ebook, send them common mistakes vegans make or foods to get Qatar Phone Number List extra protein (since vegans often struggle with protein when they first make the switch). Guide to archery, send them an article about beginner tips for

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