Guaranteed The Ultimate Guide to Going Vegan & Guinea Email List Reclaiming Your Health SUBHEADINGS Subheadings are the section headings within your articles (H2, H3, etc.). Great subheadings can boost your engagement and get your readers to finish the article. They keep people moving down the Guinea Email List page. For example, I use trigger words in my subheadings all the time:[*] Screenshot of use of trigger Guinea Email List words in subheading Here are a few before-and-after subheadings with trigger words bolded. Example #1: Eat More Vegetables to Lose Weight Use This One Simple Trick to Burn Stubborn Fat Effortlessly Example #2: Use

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Trigger Words In Your Marketing Sprinkle In Guinea Email List Trigger Words to Boost Conversions Today Example #3: Add “Free” To Increase Sales Use The Proven Word That Sells PRODUCT NAMES Believe it or not, even your products names can benefit from trigger words! An extreme example would be Guinea Email List the company Death Wish Coffee. They used an extremely potent word — death — in their Guinea Email List product name. And to get an even better conversion, they add another trigger word to their single-sentence product tagline: The world’s strongest coffee.[*] Screenshot of use of trigger words in product name by Death Wish Coffee

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Another example is makeup brand ColourPop, Guinea Email List which literally names their products after trigger words, such as their Niacinamide Serum titled “Remedy”: Screenshot of use of trigger words in product name by ColourPop I also underlined their use of trigger words in their product description, like Guinea Email List “works wonders”, “enhance”, “perfect”, and “boost”. Consider using the trigger words Guinea Email List above in your product names, or even name them after a trigger word. POP-UPS Love ‘em or hate ‘em, pop-ups are one of the best ways to convert more visitors into email subscribers. And you can convert even more visitors with a few pretty words!

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