Creating Your Own Ecommerce Dashboard In Tuvalu Email List Google Analytics 4 5 Ecommerce Dashboard Templates You Can Use Instantly WHAT IS AN ECOMMERCE DASHBOARD? An ecommerce dashboard is a hub for important business and performance data, enabling you to get a snapshot view of your Tuvalu Email List business and dive into your most important data. At a glance, the dashboard can show you everything Tuvalu Email List you need to know about your online store, including: How much traffic you’re getting (and where it’s Tuvalu Email List coming from). Your revenue and sales figures. Your most valuable traffic sources. Here’s an example dashboard:

A Design For Franchisor And Franchisee Success

Screenshot of dashboard WHAT TO INCLUDE IN AN Tuvalu Email List ECOMMERCE DASHBOARD To build a successful ecommerce business, you need to know what’s going on day to day. Understanding what’s happening helps you make the best decisions possible for your business. Ultimately, what you Tuvalu Email List include in your ecommerce dashboard depends on your business goals and what you want to Tuvalu Email List accomplish with the data. But as a starting point, it’s good to pay close attention to these two areas: Traffic sources. Traffic is Tuvalu Email List essential for any ecommerce business. By monitoring your traffic sources, you can see which channels drive the most visits and

Tuvalu Email List

revenue. If traffic from Facebook converts higher than Tuvalu Email List any other channel, consider a strategy to help you generate as much Facebook traffic as possible. Revenue: This is an obvious one, but there are a ton of ways you can use revenue data in a dashboard. You could include overall revenue to give a Tuvalu Email List snapshot of your business, or you could break down revenue by channel, product, and much Tuvalu Email List more. CREATING YOUR OWN ECOMMERCE DASHBOARD IN GOOGLE ANALYTICS Google Analytics (GA) allows users to Tuvalu Email List create custom dashboards, and is the perfect tool to create something unique to your business and goals.

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