Screenshot of product update emails from Podia This one is great because the opening line tells the reader how the new feature benefits them: “increase the size of every France Phone Number List single customer order.” It then explains clearly how the feature works and includes GIFs to show it in action. The tone of the email is personal and fun too, and as it’s written by the founder, it helps the reader to build a connection France Phone Number List with the company. Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template: PRODUCT France Phone Number List UPDATE EMAIL TEMPLATE Hey [Name], [One-sentence benefit of new feature] [GIF of how the product works] Here’s how it works:

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Dentists

[Image of the product] [#1 tip for using the product] If France Phone Number List you have any questions, just reply to this email. [Name] from [Company] Want more product update email examples? Get The Email Campaigns Swipe File 3. BLOG UPDATE TEMPLATE Building an email list for your business is an ongoing process. Signing up to your list is just the beginning, and once you have an email address you want to keep France Phone Number List that person engaged and moving down your funnel — otherwise, you’re just throwing money away. And you’re not careless like that, are you? A blog update email is a great way to keep in regular contact with your list and make sure

France Phone Number List

your business is always top-of-mind with your subscribers. Even if you’re not launching anything new or trying to make a sale, blog updates are a great way to keep in touch with France Phone Number List subscribers. For example, Sumo sends out a weekly blog update showcasing our latest content: Screenshot of blog update email from Sumo These emails have *great* open rates — up to 69% sometimes. But that’s not a happy accident. Over France Phone Number List time our readers have learned that Sumo content will help them grow their businesses, so they’re often excited to click and dive in. Shopify’s Entrepreneur Digest is another great example of a blog update email.

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