Not all of them work, so I’ll only share a few that Paraguay Email List we know work really well. First, we have HubSpot’s social video lead magnet strategy. You create a video about something your audience wants to learn. At the end of that video, you lead them to a landing page with an opt-in to your Paraguay Email List email list in exchange for a free download (like a PDF, eBook, cheat sheet, etc.). Screenshot Paraguay Email List of Hubspot You should upload the video to each platform individually, rather than uploading it to YouTube and posting the YouTube link to Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s because organic reach is boosted for native video (since these companies are all out there.

Marketing: Do You Want To Triple Your Return On Investment

competing).[*] Next, we have Tony Robbin’s Paraguay Email List peacock strategy. You pin your biggest-impact posts to the top of your social pages (such as events, best-performing content, or anything with a lot of comments and likes). Here’s an example of a post he could pin because it’s doing so well: Screenshot Paraguay Email List of Facebook post by Tony Robbins This works great in conjunction with Facebook ads. You Paraguay Email List take a post that’s already getting some organic engagement, pin it to the top of your page, then run a boost campaign to get even more engagement. From there, you can create a custom Facebook audience out of the people who engaged with your Facebook

Paraguay Email List

page for some low-cost lead acquisition. Check out my Paraguay Email List guide to growing your email list with Facebook Ads for more info! 4. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Relationship building is one of my favorite lead generation strategies. Why? Because it converts well, it’s a win-win, and it (usually) leads to excellent Paraguay Email List clients. Think about it — if you make friends who offer services complementary to Paraguay Email List yours, not only will they refer you great clients (because why would a friend refer a horrible client?), but you’ll also have a steady stream of leads because you’ll be able to piggyback on their leads. I have a friend who offers web design services.

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