Your Results With Facebook Ads DAYS 1-2: Niger Email List CREATE CONTENT UPGRADES The most effective way to grow a high-quality email list is with content upgrades. And you may think creating content upgrades will take forever. Aren’t you supposed to get this done in 30 days? But you don’t need to Niger Email List create content upgrades for every piece of content on your site. Start by creating content upgrades for Niger Email List the top five pieces of content on your site. Chris explains exactly how to do it below (following the same strategy we use at Sumo): Open your Google Analytics dashboard. Under Behavior, go to Site Content → All Pages.

Small Businesses Multi-Level Marketing with Email Leads

Set the date range at the top to display 3-4 Niger Email List months. Identify your most popular pieces of content or your top-viewed product pages (if you’re ecommerce). Here’s an example of ours: Screenshot showing Google Analytics dashboard Offer a quick content upgrade for each: Create a checklist. Niger Email List Make a cheat-sheet or resource list. Share a spreadsheet. If one of your most popular blog posts is Niger Email List about deep-sea fishing, you might create an equipment checklist and offer it with the post. DAY 3: CREATE A SITEWIDE UPGRADE To grow your email list, you need to collect emails from every page on your site in multiple ways.

Niger Email List

You may think a simple “Join our newsletter” Niger Email List message will work, but, honestly, it won’t. We’ve done the research… We studied over 400 million pop-ups and found that: Asking people to join your list doesn’t work Instead, you should be giving something of value to your reader in Niger Email List exchange for their email (a download, ebook, infographic, course, etc.) For example, check out how Niger Email List Dana from Minimalist Baker entices readers to sign up for a free ebook:[*] Screenshot showing a popup form Her 49-page recipe ebook is promoted on every page of the site and offers awesome value to all subscribers.

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