Screenshot showing Google contact settings Mauritius Email List Upload the connections.csv file you just downloaded from LinkedIn. At the top of the page, click the More button and select Rename group. Give your group a memorable name (maybe LinkedIn for ease). Screenshot showing Google email settings Go to Gmail and click the Compose button. In the To field, start typing the name of your group, then select the group Mauritius Email List from the list. You’ll now have all members of that group added to the To field. I’d recommend you send to one person at a time so you’re not sharing all of your contacts’ email addresses with everyone else.

Real Marketing Doesn’t Mean Emailing Everyone

Now you’re all set up, it’s time to email your contacts about your new mailing list. Here’s an example of an email you could send: Subject: Get the Inside Track on [Your Industry] Body: Hey [Name], Thanks for connecting on LinkedIn. I’ve just started a newsletter for [your niche here]. People Mauritius Email List from [Company 1], [Company 2] and [Company 3] have already signed up. I’d love to have you onboard and drop you a Mauritius Email List message every [day/week/month]. Want to opt it? Here’s a link. Excited to have you joining. Cheers, Ash DAY 5: UPDATE YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE How many emails does your company send every day? I’m not expecting you to

Mauritius Email List

have an answer to that question…or to go count the Mauritius Email List exact number. But whether you’re a solopreneur sending 40 emails per day, or a team of people sending over 500 emails per day, this tactic can help you grow your email list. And best of all, it’ll only take a few minutes to implement. All you Mauritius Email List need to do is add a simple, compelling call to action (CTA) in your email signature. Check out how Noah uses his signature to link to his podcast: Screenshot showing Noah Kagan Replace your email signature with a CTA to join your list. To update your email signature in Gmail, follow these simple steps: Open your Settings (the cog icon in the top right

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