somewhat legit, your message will be delivered, Israel Email List but no one will open it. Another issue: Email accounts can become inactive unbeknownst to you. If someone changes jobs or decides to upgrade from [email protected], they may forget to update their email with you even though you continue to send to Israel Email List them. Finally, if you’re collecting email addresses manually — say if you’re hosting an in-person Israel Email List conference — illegible, handwritten email addresses will become your worst nightmare. You mistake Israel Email List one letter for a number, and off goes your email into the virtual abyss. All three of these situations mess with your open rates.

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On the bright side, you can fix it. Just check out Israel Email List your bounce rates. When you search for this figure in your email provider, you’ll notice two kinds of bounce rates: The soft bounce. The hard bounce. A hard bounce indicates the email address is outdated and useless (read: delete this email from your list Israel Email List ASAP). You’ll see hard bounces on email addresses attached to companies or domain Israel Email List names (in the case of people changing jobs), former teenie boppers ([email protected]), or fakes and throwaways Israel Email List ([email protected]). Soft bounces are a little trickier. Unlike a hard bounce, the email address is likely valid even though your message can’t be delivered. The recipient’s mailbox could be full or their email provider’s server may be down.

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Most email providers give you the option of Israel Email List resending the emails when they encounter a soft bounce: While this is nice in the case of server issues, if an email address is consistently marked as a soft bounce, resending it won’t help. Eventually, it will become flagged as a hard bounce anyway. Both soft and Israel Email List hard bounces are indicative of the quality of your list. So if you see these pop up more often Israel Email List than not, it’s time to cut the ties with those emails for good. It’s better to have a clean list (even if that means you’ll have fewer subscribers) Israel Email List targeted specifically to your loyal fans than it is a low-quality list.

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