Are you a solopreneur rocking your personal brand? Jamaica Email List Then your “from” name should be your personal name, like Marie Forleo, Peter Voogd and Caroline Kelso have done: Your subscribers will feel as if they’re receiving a message from a friend. If you’re running a company brand, this doesn’t Jamaica Email List make sense. Subscribers won’t recognize your name, and they’ll trash your email before even Jamaica Email List opening it. If we look at the example below, we can see two different “from” name versions for larger companies. MarketingProfs is Jamaica Email List taking advantage of their brand name power by using it as their “from” name.

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Matt from Under30Experiences is a more Jamaica Email List personalized brand, so he chose a combination of his real name and a shortened version of his biz name. Make sure your “from” name makes sense for your brand. #5: YOU HAVEN’T TRAINED YOUR SUBSCRIBERS In the same way you gave readers a Jamaica Email List heads up to whitelist your emails, your new subscribers need to know what they Jamaica Email List can expect from you. Give them an idea of how often you’ll be reaching out. Bonus points for mentioning the specific day and time you’ll Jamaica Email List send your messages. This will help them anticipate your emails and prompt them to scan their junk folders.

Jamaica Email List

You can do this using a short and sweet Jamaica Email List welcome email like this one below. These are welcoming and informative, and do wonders for your open rates too. #6: YOU AREN’T STRIKING WHILE THE IRON’S HOT Once you’ve given your readers the rundown of what to expect, you’re ready to Jamaica Email List start delivering high-quality content. The most efficient way to do this is by Jamaica Email List creating an email sequence. See, when your subscribers first sign up, they’re super excited. They’re what we in marketing call “hot leads.” This is Jamaica Email List when subscribers are most engaged. Keep them that way by creating a mind-blowing email sequence.

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