FIREBOX Screenshot of Firebox email Subject El-Salvador Email List Line: OMG! It’s back in stock. The Crying Unicorn Candle Why It Works: Here’s a cool copywriting tip: speak in your customers’ language. Firebox grabs attention by using a slang phrase, OMG. Known for its quirky branding and unique niche El-Salvador Email List market (i.e., selling to an “imaginative” audience), the tone of voice used here is on point. What’s El-Salvador Email List particularly interesting is the wide range of categories at the bottom of the email — notice how there’s something for every El-Salvador Email List customer? Firebox does a great job at tying its restock email with special occasions (e.g., Father’s Day) to reach a wider

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audience. KAUFMANN MERCANTILE Screenshot of Kaufmann El-Salvador Email List Mercantile email Subject Line: Back In Stock: Japanese Cypress Wood Bath Mat Now At Kaufmann Mercantile Why It Works: Clarity beats clever. And Kaufmann Mercantile is an excellent example of this approach. Just read the El-Salvador Email List first few lines. It’s direct and clear. It would be even better if a CTA button is added after the El-Salvador Email List first paragraph (e.g., Buy it now, Get your wood mat today). As you scroll down to the end, you see it’s signed El-Salvador Email List by the founder of the company. Granted, this email is probably written by one of the company’s employees. Still, it’s an extremely powerful way to

El-Salvador Email List

make customers feel like the company has their best El-Salvador Email List interests at heart. JAMES CLEAR Screenshot of James Clear email Subject Line: The Clear Habit Journal is back in stock! (And a discount code!) Why It Works: Of all the emails in this list, James Clear’s is the only one that’s text heavy — and it’s El-Salvador Email List a breath of fresh air. The author of the bestselling book Atomic Habits employs a combo of El-Salvador Email List copywriting tactics: incentive and scarcity. The incentive, a 20% discount, shows up in several El-Salvador Email List places (e.g., How to get an instant 20% discount, Use the discount code HABITS20 at checkout to get 20% off). James also uses scarcity multiple times to

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