Email Blast Template #8: The Event RSVP Czechia B2B List Email EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #1: THE CONTENT SHARE EMAIL [One sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and gets them hooked.] In this step-by-step article, we teach you exactly how to get [benefit]. Inside, you’ll learn: Thing Your Customers Czechia B2B List Care About #1 Benefit #2 Benefit #3 <<featured image>> [Reiterate the #1 benefit.] What are you waiting Czechia B2B List for? Click the button below to read the article and get your [benefit] now. <<button with strong CTA>> Why Czechia B2B List It Works: It comes down to simplicity, copywriting, and understanding your target audience. If you know the kind of content your


subscribers love, this email is extremely effective at Czechia B2B List getting them to read it. It’s benefit-driven with two distinct calls to action (one in the text links and one in the button at the bottom of the email). We use this email all the time at Sumo! Real-Life Example: Screenshot of AppSumo content share email Czechia B2B List EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #2: THE CONTENT DIGEST EMAIL <<Big Image of Main Article>> Czechia B2B List Article Title One-sentence explanation of why you should read the article. [Button to Read Article] << small image Article 2 Czechia B2B List Title of article #2 >> One-sentence description with Read More CTA. << small image Article 3 Title of article #3 >> One-sentence

Czechia B2B List

description with Read More CTA. << small image Czechia B2B List Article 4 Title of article #4 >> One-sentence description with Read More CTA. Why It Works: If you write a lot of content every Czechia B2B List week (3+ articles), chances are your subscribers don’t want an email for every new post. Czechia B2B List The digest email gives them all the new content in one place, and they can choose which articles to read. I recommend that Czechia B2B List you put the article with the highest engagement (comments, shares, or overall traffic) at the top. Real-Life Example: Screenshot of Healthline content digest email EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #3: THE BIG DISCOUNT EMAIL LIMITED TIME ONLY

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