should buy it at a deeper level. And it works for info Denmark Email List products as well, not just physical products. Real-Life Example: Screenshot of The SEO Playbook product launch email EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #5: THE VIDEO PITCH EMAIL Want to learn more about [something in your industry]? Watch the Denmark Email List video below to achieve [benefit]. <<image of video with play button overtop, linked to the video>> <<CTA Denmark Email List Button to Watch Video>> Why It Works: Video has the potential to get more engagement than writing because it takes less effort to watch versus to read.


If you can create a video to explain your point (and lead that Denmark Email List video into a call to action to buy your products or services), you’ll see your conversions go up. Real-Life Example: Screenshot of Wistia video pitch email EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #6: THE CHALLENGE EMAIL Since you’re into [whatever your customers Denmark Email List are into]… Would you be interested in taking the “X-Day [Niche] Challenge”? Every day for the Denmark Email List next 7 days, we’ll send you an email to [complete a challenge; for example, to fix a common mistake causing your business to leak profits]. Each challenge only takes a few minutes to implement.

Denmark Email List

[Do 1 thing every day, such as “Fix 1 Denmark Email List mistake a day.”] And in 7 days, you’d have [completed the challenge and gotten the benefit, such as “fixed 7 mistakes and stopped your profits from leaking.”] <<CTA Button to Enroll>> Why It Works: If you’re suffering from low engagement with your list or want Denmark Email List a way to build trust and nurture your leads, a challenge is a great way to improve engagement Denmark Email List and get your list more involved with your brand. Part of the challenge can be to read and implement an article on your blog every day for seven Denmark Email List days to increase blog traffic.

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