Real-Life Example: Screenshot of Birdsend Djibouti Email List EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #7: THE GIVEAWAY EMAIL Win [prize] now. <<CTA Button to Enter Giveaway>> [Description of what the giveaway is and why you’re doing it.] [A list of prizes] <<CTA Button to Enter Giveaway>> Why It Works: Everyone Djibouti Email List loves free stuff! The key to making a viral giveaway work is to give away something relevant to your audience Djibouti Email List that only people worth having as leads to your business would be interested in (such as free services or free products from Djibouti Email List your store).


Want to run your own giveaway for free? Try KingSumo now! Djibouti Email List Real-Life Example: Screenshot of AppSumo giveaway email EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE #8: THE EVENT RSVP EMAIL [Event Title] [Event Date] [Event Location] <<CTA Button to RSVP>> [Description of the benefits of the event and any Djibouti Email List speakers who are well known.] <<CTA Button to RSVP>> Why It Works: Two things make this Djibouti Email List email blast template work well: Early bird pricing and a well-known speaker to make your event more attractive. If you can’t offer either, Djibouti Email List then testimonials from past events also work well.

Djibouti Email List

Real-Life Example: Screenshot of Rakuten event RSVP email GET Djibouti Email List MY EMAIL BLAST TEMPLATE SWIPE FILE Want templates for the three most common email blasts every business should be sending, with 75% copy-paste text for easy use? Just fill in the brackets and send! Click the button below to download Djibouti Email List them now. What if I told you your email can get you $1,888.39 of revenue in just 72 hours? I’m Djibouti Email List not pulling your leg. In fact, this is the exact amount Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) got from its Djibouti Email List campaign: Open rate Click rate Sales conversion rate Revenue (in 72 hours) 13.0% 0.6% 15.7% $1,888.39 Want to get this result for your

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