best 10 blogs based on how they fared on the above criteria. If you have a tie, choose the ones with the highest engagement (comments/shares). DAYS 18-19: PITCH GUEST POSTS For this next step, you’ll put yourself out there in a major way. We’re going to pitch guest post ideas to the 10 blogs we Samoa Email List identified earlier during Days 16-17. To find the contact information for each blog check if they have a page that says something like: Write for us Contribute Guest Posting guidelines These pages will usually have the details of Samoa Email List who to pitch and how to contact them. If they don’t have a page like this, here’s my secret way to find almost

98% of Network Marketers Are Building the Wrong List

anybody’s contact details: Find the blog’s editor on Twitter. Run their username through AllMyTweets.[*] Search the results for their email address. That’s exactly how I first found Samoa Email List Noah’s email address in this tweet:[*] Screenshot showing Noah Kagan Once you’ve found the right email address, send a simple pitch to each of your target blogs. Here’s an example: Subject: Quick Guest Post Ideas Body: Hey [Blogger name], Samoa Email List Love your site. Noticed you write a lot about [subject]. I recently wrote a post for [other site] that generated [number] pageviews. It was their top post this year. I have a few guest posts I’d love to share with you:

Samoa Email List

Headline 1 Headline 2 Headline 3 Will shoot over the finished posts if any of these jump out at you. Do you like any of those ideas? Cheers, Ash Send a pitch to each of Samoa Email List your 10 target blogs and use this spreadsheet to track your responses. Screenshot of spreadsheet to track responses This may sound like a lot of pitches, but chances are, you’re not gonna hear back (in time, or at all) from everyone. You want Samoa Email List to land 4-5 guest posts. When you pitch 10 bloggers, you’ll only need a 50% success rate, which is doable. If you have existing blog content, you might also want to think about pitching some pieces to be republished. To illustrate

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