Home page Articles Marketing Either way: 4 ways to inspire employees to go further Either way: 4 ways to inspire employees to go furtherPosted: 2017-09-29When I was 20, I was living the dream – or so I thought. I was playing college football and dating my hometown sweetheart. Life was good until she threw a bombshell at me one day during a phone call. “I’m pregnant,” she said.For a second, I felt like my life was over and time had just stood still. After taking a deep breath to process this life-changing news, I put the phone back to my ear and replied, “Don’t worry. Either way, let’s make this big. » I spent much of my twenties trying to work things out with my in-laws.

I Worked Day and Night to Give My Wife the

I worked day and night to give my wife the lifestyle she deserved, and it wasn’t all fun and games. The bank seized two of our houses. I had to park my truck at a nearby Piggly Wiggly Ukraine Phone Number so the repo guy couldn’t take my turn. Despite all the adversity, I did whatever it took to take care of my family.A “whatever it takes” mindset revolves around two fundamental principles: ego and character. Character is the basis of your personality, helping you discern right from wrong. People of strong character are consistent and persistent. And while many see ego as a negative thing, normal self-confidence is incredibly healthy. Problems arise when your ego or character is out of whack, leading people to a lifetime of unscrupulous or inconsistent behavior.

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The Same Is True in the Workplace, Where Business

The same is true in the workplace, where business leaders can guide their business to success by adopting a “whatever it takes” mindset.The value of hard work Doing everything right doesn’t mean lying, cheating or stealing your way to success. It involves doing everything possible within your character, beliefs, and value system to make your goals a reality. You need to show up for work every day and be prepared to do something no one else in your industry would consider.Countless self-help books and business experts encourage people to “work smarter, not harder,” but I would say the opposite is true.

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