They’ll help you further refine the email. 4. Send to a Eritrea Email List portion of your list first Before sending your newsletter to all of your subscribers, consider sending the draft you just proofread to a small chunk of your list (10-15%). This will help you see what kind of open rates the email gets, and make sure Eritrea Email List everything works OK. If you don’t have a large enough list to do this, follow our guide to growing your Eritrea Email List email list so you can get more subscribers! 5. If all is well, send to everyone Finally, if everything sent OK and you didn’t get any warnings or people emailing you back saying something is broken or doesn’t make sense, send it to your entire

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email list Give yourself a pat on the back! You wrote Eritrea Email List and sent a newsletter. 3 advanced tips for a newsletter your subscribers will love Feeling the itch to improve? I’ve got you covered! Here are three advanced tips to take your newsletter to the next level: 1. Segment your list for better engagement Eritrea Email List Segmenting your email list means separating your subscribers into different “segments” or “buckets”. It looks like this: Digital Marketing Agency Example List Segmentation Segmented lists perform far better than non-segmented lists. MailChimp found segmented lists receive 14.31% more opens and double the clicks compared to non-segmented

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lists.[*] There are a few ways to segment a list: Eritrea Email List Based on what they opted in for on your website (i.e., guide to email marketing versus guide to SEO). Based on which emails they open (i.e., email about email marketing versus email about SEO). Based on which links they click within the emails (i.e., link about email marketing versus link about SEO). Ideally, you’d want to segment based on all three. For example, if Eritrea Email List someone opts in to your content upgrade about how to lose weight, send them articles about exercise, nutrition, and supplements. Depending on which emails or links they click, send them more emails about the topic they’re

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