According to the historical database Delpher, the term “fake news” was first used in the 1980s. Het Vrije Volk headlines ‘Fake news is ‘in’ on Jordan Phone Number List American TV’ on August 31, 1989, and writes about Bloch, a spy series on TV in which fiction and reality intertwine. Actors construct their own visual reports. Are there no current images of war in the Middle East? Then there is always archive material available of spectacular fights.

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supplemented with threatening music and a penetrating voice-over. Columnist and at the time  America correspondent. Edo Brandt wrote a column in  Telegraaf in October. About the gripping story about the cocaine addiction of eight-year-old boy Jimmy. The story of journalist Janet Cook in the Washington Post, as far back as the late 1970s, was, according to Brandt, ‘made from scratch from start to finish.

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It’s journalistic bullshit. Then it is not difficult to realize that people do not trust traditional media (anymore). Media themselves cooperate through fake news because they know that sensation works better than dry facts. fake news wife phone Truth-finding and conspiracies The aspects I mention above lead to an aggressive ‘post-truth society.

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