The rise of the Web, social networks and mobile has transformed the approach to tourist stays, so much so that today we talk about e-tourism. To adapt to new traveler practices, it is inevitably necessary to make a digital transition and deploy relevant digital strategies. Social networks can be particularly interesting tools in the tourism sector.We will see how a tourism player can use social networks and .Other marketing tools to attract visitors to their tourist destination. In an attempt to understand the challenges and opportunities of e-tourism. We conducted an interview with samir sirat, communication and e-marketing manager for the rouen tourist office.

The Tourist Office in figures Rouen Tourist Office

As a tourism player, how do you perceive the importance of the Web and social networks in your sector?The digitization of the sector is unavoidable. The redesign of the Argentina WhatsApp Number List site was accompanied by a referencing strategy . We have also made sure to make the site Responsive , which is essential today. Then, we worked on the  editorial line, the design or even the creation of content . E-tourism – What Is Rouen Tourist Office’s Digital Mobile At the same time, we thought about a strategy on social networks, in particular with the establishment of partnerships with web influencers.

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It Is Clear That the Digital Strategy Deployed Since

It is clear that the digital strategy deployed since 2009 is bearing fruit. Physical attendance at the Tourist Office has remained stable, between 300,000 and 350,000 visitors per year. Conversely, E-tourism – What Is Rouen Tourist Office’s Digital Mobile traffic on the website was multiplied by 3 , going from 250,000 to more than 700,000 visitors.Today, if you are looking for information.You can find it anytime, anywhere and from any device (pc, tablet, smartphone). But as a Tourist Office, you are above all a physical place of reception.

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