As we know, the rise of social networks has led to a transformation in consumption habits. Social networks are so pervasive that they even influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. So much so that brands have developed advertising platforms and are in the process of becoming commercial platforms. This is Social Commerce. A boon for brands!  E-merchants: Are You Sure You Know How to Use Social Networks It is still  E-merchants: Are You Sure You Know How to Use Social Networks necessary to know how to handle the tools made available to professionals on social networks. And you still need to know how to decipher the codes of the Social Media sphere and the strategies that result from it

Do You Doubt the Effectiveness of Social Networks

To bounce back on the degrees of influence of social networks on the purchase decision, it be noted that not all social networks are created equal. Insofar as each social network has its Belarus WhatsApp Number List particularities and its audience, you will not, for example, sell clothes on LinkedIn. Logic. But then what are the positions possible for each social network? We only retain here Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, the social networks most conducive to e-commerce in our opinion.

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Facebook: the King of Social Commerce Network That Garners

Facebook is definitely the social network that garners the most users worldwide (1.7 billion) and therefore data. The exploitation of this data through the Facebook advertising platform makes it possible to reach a large audience of existing customers and potential customers. The many targeting options available.

Allow you to then refine your audience to E-merchants: Are You Sure You Know How to Use Social Networks a more precise target. Facebook Ads offers many increasingly innovative and e-commerce-friendly advertising formats. In addition to bringing you visibility and notoriety, Facebook is conducive to engagement and lead generation.

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