Do you know the DNVBs? These are the Digitally Native Vertical Brands. Understand: brands born on the Internet. We also talk about digital native brands. The phenomenon emerged ten years ago in the United States. Bonobo (2007) paved the way for other pioneers like Nasty Gal (2008) or Chubbies (2011). The direct environment of the Silicon Valley Unicorns, the appearance of social networks, the reign of mobile and a mature market for shopping on the web have been favorable to them. Since then, DNVB models have spread all over the world, including in France. In France, great stories are being written with Le Slip Français, Bonne Gueule, Sézane, Jimmy Fairly, Teddybear and Gemmyo. How to shoot part of their digital strategy? We decipher the 5 key factors that make them successful.

The influencer who whispers in the ear of mobile users

Brands called digital natives were born from the web and this directly affected their business model. We are talking about direct to consumer. What distinguishes these companies from e-commerce sites or online showcase sites is that they initially used the Internet as a listening organ. By paying attention to what is being said on social networks, they have identified  available niche e-commerce markets. By directly collecting the needs of their customers and demonstrating agility through an AB testing approach, Digitally Germany Phone Number List Native Vertical Brands brands are considering changing their relationship with e-buyers. They are now user-centric , i.e. totally connected to their consumers.

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Digital is shattering the usual framework of the purchase journey

Digital is shattering the usual framework of the purchase journey. Previously, the act of purchase preceded the research phase, the discovery phase, then the consideration of a product or a brand. From now on, the mobile makes it possible to go much faster. On these channels, influencers recommend this or that product that you can buy in one click via Instagram Shopping for example. The native digital brands then understood all the potential that the Internet offers to optimize their business: to respond to a niche need expressed on the Web.

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