This month, the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism presented a new threat assessment. In it, the NCTV reports that Honduras Phone Number List disinformation about the coronavirus can lead to an ‘act of violence. Loners could actually commit an act of violence earlier on the basis. Of a combination of extremist ideas, possible psychosocial or psychological problems, and measures in the context of COVID- 19.

The World Is in Uncertainty

This leads to threats against politicians and journalists. For example, CDA politician Pieter Omzigt receives open death threats (“I will beat you to death, mongoloid, cancer mongoloid.”) while walking on the street. Protesters film politicians and call them gay, traitor, or child molester. Disinformation and own behavior The sheer amount of information and the misinformation that comes.

No Company Could Have

Honduras Phone Number List

With it affects your own beliefs and psychological well-being. Confirmation bias is lurking. This is the tendency to gather the information that confirms your previous belief. We tend to visit the same news sources. As news consumers, we don’t immediately tend to challenge our own thoughts and be critical of what we read or hear.

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