Photo by Marleen Sahetapy Trend 2: make money. In addition to advertising and sponsorship, many ways to monetize your podcast have emerged in recent years . For example, donation models such as Patreon, Friends of the Show and Hats Off. But also affiliate marketing, in which the listener receives a discount, for example, and the maker a fee, if the listener sells a product or service to which reference is made. Linking events, such as a theater tour or online event,

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Is also a great way to turn listeners into paying customers. Platforms such as Apple Podcast and Spotify came up with updates last year, making it increasingly Senegal WhatsApp Number List easy for makers to link a revenue model to their podcast. This could lead to an increase in income in the coming years. Now just over half of the Dutch are not familiar with podcasting, which shows how much potential there is still. – Flip Kylian Adams. Day and Night Media at Podcast Summit 2020 Trend 3: advertising Podcast ad revenue soared above $1

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Does it make sense to advertise or do listeners give up en masse when they hear a commercial message. At big football matches or your favorite series, you don’t know how fast you have to zap away to avoid all the superfluous commercial breaks. Promotional messages are experienced as irritating in the traditional media. It’s different with podcasts. Listeners seem to understand that advertising is part of keeping it available for free and don’t zap away.

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