And by always taking the first and basic question as a starting point. When I introduce technology, what am I going to do with productivity and  Peru Phone Number List creativity? Look at Albert Heijn with the self-scanners. Pay for your groceries yourself: handy if you are in a hurry. But has Albert Hein also looked at its social role as a supermarket? Who cares about the people.

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who comes out of their house once a day for a little social contact in the supermarket? I know that the solution is still a long way off, but I’m happy when people think about it consciously.” Humans and robots fight together for more happiness at work. How do you get this between the director’s ears? “I’m pretty radical about that. HR and IT must determine the strategy of the company.

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Because if people and technology are your capital, these two must also determine where the company will grow. I know, it’s a bat in the henhouse for many CEOs and CFOs. But it’s about reflection. That you are always thinking about your next step towards transformation. What technology adds and what is the best-added value for your employees.

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