Protein Segment: 120-day active subscribers who Sri Lanka Email Database already purchased a Vanilla 5lb tub. Sent: 3,384 Opens: 1,056 (31.2%) Clicks: 26 (0.8%) Orders: 2 (0.06%) Revenue: $215.22 Screenshot of BPN Product Back In Stock Email #9: PRODUCT BACK IN STOCK EMAIL Subject line: Milk Sri Lanka Email Database N’ Cookies Whey Protein IS BACK! Preview text: Our best selling whey protein flavor is finally Sri Lanka Email Database back in stock. Grab yours now! Segment: Everyone (active and inactive subscribers). Sent: 37,242 Opens: 4,848 Sri Lanka Email Database (13.0%) Clicks: 242 (0.6%) Orders: 38 (0.1%) Revenue: $1,888.39 Screenshot of BPN Product Back In Stock Email #10: INSTAGRAM GRID EMAIL

Phone! Email Enhanced: The Windows Phone 7

Subject line: BPN Loves You Too Preview text: Check Out Sri Lanka Email Database Customer Favorites Segment: 120-day active subscribers Sent: 21,269 Opens: 5,653 (26.6%) Clicks: 347 (1.6%) Orders: 13 (0.06%) Revenue: $969.56 Screenshot of BPN Instagram Grid Email That’s every email that’s Sri Lanka Email Database contributed to the $18,090.58 revenue BPN made from FAM in the first 30 days using the tool. PUT Sri Lanka Email Database YOUR EMAIL MARKETING ON AUTOPILOT LIKE BPN After the first 30 days of using FAM, BPN Sri Lanka Email Database has gone on to make over $100,000 using FAM to automate all of their email marketing. Here’s a sample of 13 FAM-generated emails sent for BPN (including number

Sri Lanka Email Database

of orders and revenue generated): Screenshot of Sri Lanka Email Database sample of 13 FAM-generated emails sent for BPN (including number of orders and revenue generated) You can copy the emails I’ve shown you in this post and do it yourself. Or if you’d like to put your email marketing on autopilot like BPN, Sri Lanka Email Database connect FAM to your Shopify store now.Today you’re going to learn exactly how to Sri Lanka Email Database create an email marketing strategy in 2020. In fact: This is the exact strategy we used to make $1,142,557 in six Sri Lanka Email Database months for our customers using FAM (a new tool that writes, designs, and sends your emails for you). Screenshot of revenue generated in six months for

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