Here are more examples of how you can Turkmenistan Email List implement this type of targeting: Send an email to a one-time customer encouraging them to make a second purchase. See how Rockin’ Wellness did that: Screenshot of email by Rockin Send a promotional email about related products Turkmenistan Email List (upsells or cross-sells) to customers who bought a specific product. Here’s an example of how of Turkmenistan Email List Dollar Shave Club promotes upsells on top of their regular subscriptions: Screenshot of Dollar Turkmenistan Email List Shave Club promoting upsells on top of their regular subscriptions Send a reactivation email to subscribers who haven’t clicked any link in your

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newsletter in the past 90 days. See how Jack Wills Turkmenistan Email List did it: Screenshot of reactivation email by Jack Wills GET PERSONAL WITH YOUR EMAIL MARKETING Well-targeted emails give your marketing a personal touch and are proven to increase engagement and revenue. With Sumo, collecting Turkmenistan Email List and segmenting customer data is simpler than ever. To get started, I’ve curated 10 targeted Turkmenistan Email List email examples from successful brands and businesses like Target, Runtastic, Casper, and more. Use them Turkmenistan Email List for inspiration and email ideas. What’s your revenue this week? How many sales are you making? Which traffic sources are driving the most

Turkmenistan Email List

revenue? There’s so much to keep an eye on in an Turkmenistan Email List ecommerce business that it can be hard to keep on top of it all. An ecommerce dashboard will bring all your key data into one place and keep your whole team on the same page while giving you a quick snapshot of your business. This means Turkmenistan Email List you can ensure you’re hitting targets and identifying new opportunities. In this post, I’ll Turkmenistan Email List walk you through the importance of building an ecommerce dashboard, and how to build a dashboard of your own Turkmenistan Email List (for FREE) using Google Analytics. Let’s get into it: 1 What Is An Ecommerce Dashboard 2 What To Include In An Ecommerce Dashboard 3

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