The best subject lines don’t give away what’s inside Taiwan Email Lists the email. Two of the top three subject lines are questions. So if I want to get higher open rates on future emails, I now know I should ask questions and use short, curiosity-filled subject lines. CLICK RATES Here’s that same analysis looking at Taiwan Email Lists click rates: Screenshot of click rates of each emails With click rates, I can’t look at the subject line or Taiwan Email Lists preview text. Instead, I need to analyze the email design of the highest click rate (6.0%) email: Screenshot of Taiwan Email Lists email with the highest click rate Two things are immediately obvious: There is a big, clickable hero image with a play button at the top.

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Directly beneath the hero image is a call to Taiwan Email Lists action button. If I want higher click rates on future emails, I should incorporate these two elements into my emails. Easy! UNSUBSCRIBE RATE Unsubscribes can be a good thing. You don’t want people on your list who don’t want to receive your emails. But Taiwan Email Lists you also need to keep a close eye on your unsubscribe rate. A normal unsubscribe rate is Taiwan Email Lists around 0.3% to 0.5% per email. As long as you’re seeing unsubscribe rates below 0.5%, like this: Screenshot of Taiwan Email Lists unsubscribe rates It means you’re doing things right and your list is clean. If your unsubscribe rate increases above 0.5%, it can be a sign your

Taiwan Email Lists

emails are: Too frequent. Spammy. Repetitive. You Taiwan Email Lists need to figure out which one of these it is, and adjust your email marketing strategy accordingly. Then you’re ready for the last step… STEP #6: SCALE YOUR EMAIL MARKETING At this point your email marketing is raking in new sales. So the Taiwan Email Lists next question is: How do you scale? We recommend scaling in three stages: STAGE 1: EMAIL 2X Taiwan Email Lists PER WEEK If you’re only emailing your list once a week (or less), the best thing you can do is start emailing two Taiwan Email Lists times a week, consistently (using the email types we went over in this post). Here’s an example of a twice-weekly emailing schedule:

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