That no one can be sued or ask for an explanation. The coming period will therefore be important for the further development of Defi: What are the El Salvador Phone Number List legislators going to pull out of the closet to curb Defi through regulation? How do the various projects develop further? What new possibilities will  add that were think we will see a lot of projects that cannot live up to their expectations and fall away.

That Takes Too Much Time

Just like in previous crises, a handful of companies remain, which will then have an insane impact on our society. As we have seen with Amazon, Facebook, and Airbnb. New projects are add every day, which tackle the various challenges in an amazing way. From stability to ease of use and from linking the various services to security.

Dropping Out You Handle the Rest

El Salvador Phone Number List

Amazing technological developments That Defi banks will make other financial institutions superfluous – just as diehard Bitcoin supporters have argued since its inception – I do not see happening myself. The Dutch banks are globally ahead in the development of various blockchain applications. I also see them developing their own products in this area, which are in line with current legislation and regulations.

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