While digitalization is starting slowly in the pharmaceutical industry in france. It nevertheless represents a huge opportunity in terms of innovation and progress in the patient-doctor relationship. While many applications are beginning to emerge from this digital mutation. More and more french people are adopting this culture of the (or self-measurement). Where connected health rhymes with personalized services.

The Impact of Digital in the Field of Health

The emergence of digital has completely changed the codes of the relationship between the patient and his many patients to be precise feel that they are sufficiently by their practitioners, and seek more extensive information on the internet. In fact, one in five searches on Google is related to health.

M-health, the mobile response unsurprisingly, therefore. Smartphone applications dedicated to health are more and more numerous. Responding to a certain demand from the french. And Benin WhatsApp Number List thus becoming a third party in the patient-doctor relationship. The digitization and use of these connected terminals represent a great opportunity for the pharmaceutical. Sectors to no longer simply show themselves to be “medicine sellers” but on the contrary to a real.

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Digital, a Growth Lever for the Pharmaceutical Industries

Connected objects and health applications allow laboratories to work on their e-reputation, by providing to be a real personal assistant listening to their patients. But these digital devices can also prove to be vectors of growth insofar as the field of digital innovation is immense in. Therapeutic serious games With the development of e-health sees the development of an e-patient profile. A patient increasingly active in his therapeutic care. The latter does not only focus on connected objects or applications. But also on other digital tools, and in particular serious games.

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