Problems with project progress In addition to capacity and scheduling issues, poor inventory can also hold up your migration team at a later stage. For example, choices Italy Phone Number List still have to be made about certain content and your team cannot continue rewriting. This causes a delay in the process. And that’s a shame! Pitfall 2 you involve too few or not the right people in the content migration Major migrations involve many.

But They Don’t Have a Monopoly

For example, a project team consists of: copywriters content managers An An image editor A coordinator But also from other stakeholders, such as Customer service The IT department A Board of Directors Development team of the new design/CMS Ideally, you would like to involve a representative from each department. It doesn’t matter if they have an active role or if you just send them an update every now.

Especially Not Now Due

Italy Phone Number List

then. Are you not doing this? Then it is possible that after going live a discussion arises about decisions made during the project. Prepare for questions like ‘ Where did my page go?’ and ‘Why has this text been rewritten’?. Also read: Content migration: 7 tips for a successful project Tip: always check with the content owners whether they are also the point of contact on behalf of a department or group. In this way you

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