Many are investing in the Metavarso, but why on Decentraland ? We entered 2022 less than a month ago and now more than ever we hear about Metaverse as the new evolution of the internet or as the beginning of a new type of industry. It is thanks to it that we can find numerous . Live experiences similar to real ones. But that’s not all, in fact, there is an additional reason to be interested in the Metaverse, other than the investment possibilities. In fact, there are many large and small traders who have smelled a probable opportunity. In fact, it is enough to look at the remarkable success of Decentraland, the virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is now in first place among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in the Metaverse.

Why do we talk about Decentraland?

Most likely right now you are wondering why we are talking about a video game that has neither graphics nor performance on par with many other popular video games. In fact, we just need to think of Second Life, the famous video game born in 2003. With which many have given way to various comparisons.
The truth is that Decentraland has managed to stand out from other virtual worlds due to promising medium to long-term forecasts and attractive capital gains on resales. But in particular Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List by way of detail: the profits. Decentraland has managed to make profits of over 500% from trading in digital terrains from 2018 to today. But who would buy virtual land for that amount?
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Buy to sell, users in charge of all operations

So far everything is clear, but what is the characteristic that distinguishes our protagonist from the other worlds that are in turn in the Metavarse? The world of Decentraland is built by users for users. Users are in charge of all operations. Its goal is to 100% imitate reality, where anyone can buy land and build something of their own on it. In the new world we move forward thanks to cryptocurrencies. Decentraland’s official currency is MANA , which belongs to the Ethereum blockchain. It is possible to buy land.

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