The interface of a website can present pitfalls with the aim of manipulating and confusing the user to lead him to do something far from his will. It is possible to learn to recognize the different types of Dark Patterns and prevent our brain from falling into cognitive traps. Going in order, it is good to remember that these strategies can work because they exploit cognitive biases , or mental constructs that are based on irrationality , deformed perceptions and prejudices that can lead us to make wrong or senseless decisions, even if quickly and without excessive effort.Let us think, for example, of the delayed commitments for which we place excessive trust in ” us of the future .

Or to All Those Impulsive Purchases for Which We

Or to all those impulsive purchases for which we have the first part of the price and have the 99 cents after the decimal point.”Products are in factories, brands are in the mind. It is now and that Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List our brain is physiologically predisposed to generate decision-making shortcuts. In other words, Irrationality 2.0Think about how many times you have chosen. The so-called default option in the digital world. Have you ever been? To the one signed by Balenciaga on Fortnite. A collection of 9 pieces, divided between haute couture, haute couture creates a bridge between reality and metaverse.
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By Newsletters That You Don’t Find Interesting?

Have you ever taken the time to change the settings of an app installed on your smartphone?Therefore, Admit it have you ever seen a series or movie just because Netflix chose it for you? The ” default ” options are very powerful for two main reasons; first of all, they show that the human being is extremely lazy , physically and cognitively. We would have to make an effort. If no one around us changes this option, perhaps it is right to keep it unchanged!By changing the default option you can change your preferences

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